Welcome / Bienvenidos

Welcome to Mama Rosa’s corner. Here you will find the family stories (in English and Español) my mother lovingly shared with me over the years. Some are memories of her childhood; others are stories handed down by her mother and grandmother; the rest are simply words of advice.

For those of you that don’t know my mother, she is a free spirited woman who has chosen to get as much out of life as possible and pass on the wisdom of her years to those that came after her. I hope you get as much enjoyment reading our  family anecdotes as I did hearing them over a cup of coffee, taking in the warmth and affection that my mother provided to anyone that took the time to listen.


Bienvenidos. Aquí encontrarás las historias familiares que mi madre ha compartido conmigo; algunos son recuerdos de su infancia, otros son historias dictadas por su madre y abuela, y otros  simplemente palabras de consejo.

Para aquellos que no conocen  a mi madre, Rosa Maria Ramirez Rangel es una mujer llena de vida que ha elegido gozar todo lo que la vida le ofrece.  Espero que disfruten de nuestras anécdotas familiares tan como lo hice yo al oírlas, compartiendo  un cafecito con mi Mama Rosa.