Wings - A Publication for the 596 Parachute Combat Engineering Company


In June of 1981, my dad received a letter from Dr. Charles Pugh that reintroduced* him to those who he grew into manhood with in the skies and the trenches in Europe during World War II as members of the 596 PCEC. This day he would later refer to as one of the happiest days of his life. 

For over 20 years with the exception of the late 80's when Wings was published by Ed Phillips,  Dr. Pugh, a member of the 596 Parachute Combat Engineering Company, put together a newsletter for the members of that group, providing history, memories, member stories and information on reunions.

As a tribute to the value that my dad placed on these newsletters, he kept every issue he was sent.

The newsletters that were published by Dr. Pugh and Ed Phillips provide a bit of history for these troopers and their families, and I am glad that we can now make these available to future generations and those interested in the history of these great Americans.

Thanks to the cooperation of the family of Dr. Pugh, Anne and Teresa Pugh, and the 596, I am proud to now share these with all as a memorial to all of those who served.

I am pleased to release the 1st issue that my dad was sent (as part of his re-introduction to the unit), Dated April 1980. Please check back for additional copies as it will take some time to get them all scanned. Note that all of these files can be large (~10mb each) to retain as much quality as possible.

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WINGS - APRIL 1980 Edition [10mb]

WINGS - MAY 1981 Edition [8.18mb]  (added 10/11/2008)

WINGS - NOVEMBER 1981 Edition [11.4mb] (added 10/18/08)

WINGS - JULY 1982 Edition [4.55mb] (added 10/26/08)

WINGS - JULY 1982 Roster and Supplement [3.15mb] (added 11/2/08)

WINGS - JANUARY 1983 Edition [5.03mb] (added 11/9/08)

WINGS - MAY 1983 Edition [4.30mb] (added 11/16/08)

WINGS - JUNE 1983 Edition [1.70mb] (added 11/23/08)

WINGS - December 1983 Edition [4.11mb] (added 11/30/08)

WINGS - December 1984 Edition [8.32mb] (added 12/7/08)

WINGS - April 1985 Edlition [7.10mb] (added 12/14/08)

WINGS - December 1985 Edition [2.29mb] (added 1/11/09)

WINGS - Spring 1986 Edition [6.17mb] (added 1/11/09)

WINGS - Spring 1987 Edition [4.33mb] (added 1/11/09)

WINGS - January 1988 Edition [5.28mb] (added 1/18/09)

WINGS - Fall 1988 Edition [4.53mb] (added 1/25/09)

WINGS - January 1993 Edition [18.5mb] (added 2/1/09) ** LARGE **

Wings - 1st Quarter 1995 Edition [7.42mb] (added 2/8/09)

Wings - Fall 1995 Edition [7.06mb] (added 2/15/09) 

Wings - Winter 1995 Edition [9.40mb] (added 3/14/09)

Wings - Summer 1996 Edition [6.07mb] (added 3/22/09)

Wings - Fall 1996 Edition [2.34mb] (added 3/29/09)

Wings - Spring 1997 Edition [3.46mb] (added 4/5/09)

Wings - March 1998 Edition [20.1mb] (added 5/17/09) ** LARGE **

Wings - Winter 1998 Edition [7.68mb] (added 5/25/09) 

Wings - Winter 1998 Supplemental Edition [2.94mb] (added 5/31/09)

Wings - Spring/Summer 1999 Edition [9.04mb] (added 6/28/09)

Wings - Winter 1999/Spring 2000 Edition [8.92mb] (added 10/4/09)


* He lost contact with the unit members after travelling extensively with the military from the end of WWII until his retirement in 1964.

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