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We’re Back!

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Since my last post was in December, it’s been a while since I’ve been on, obviously. This last week, we went to Disneyland, and had a BLAST. We came back yesterday night, and I would have written this earlier, but I was still pretty tired. Anyways…we went on a lot of the rides–at least me and my friend. Indiana Jones was probably the ride we went on the most often, followed by Big Thunder. We even went on Splash Mountain once, although I still hate that ride. We saw a lot of people from our school, which was rather odd. We’ve been to disneyland before when we have school off, and even then we only see one or two familiar faces. This time we saw too many to count! 


Anyways, I’ll come back later when my thoughts aren’t so jumbled…:lol:



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It’s Christmas time!

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I can’t belive it’s really the last week of December before Winter break! I guess maybe though, I just have been so hectic recently, it just didn’t really feel like the holidays. Until today when my mom put up the christmas tree, I wasn’t exactly totally in the christmas mood. Now though, I’m just  giddy with excitement for the holidays! I even started listening to Christmas music!


…well I take that back. My dad’s been playing Christmas music on and off since Thanksgiving, but today was the first time that it’s been played in the house when he’s not here. Today I was listening to Glee’s version of ‘Last Christmas’ as well as the classics like, ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ and “The Christmas Song” just to name a few. And I was also trying to find a decent clip of Kris Allen singing on that Disney Christmas Special. But since it hasn’t actually aired….that’s not exactly going to be possible.


So I think I can wait. 😉


My friends and I are also trying to get into the Christmas mood. We’re going to have a little ‘gift exchange’ later this week–something that we also had done last year. It’s only with me and my three closest friends, so it’s really nice.


On another, completly unrelated (At least in terms of Christmas) note: WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!! It was just confirmed this morning! We’re going for a week in February, and we’re taking my best friend along. More on that later though, cause I have so much going through my mind with the whole disneyland thing, it might get long and confusing. Believe me, Disneyland is one of the few things I can ramble on for hours and hours and hours on.


More later,


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Is it really already October?

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Wow. I haven’t updated in a while, have I?

Well…between school and just plain forgetting about this blog, I guess I sort of expected it to happen.

Anywoo…things that have happened since I last blogged…oh, HOMECOMING! That was a lot of fun. I went with three of my closest friends and we had a BLAST! We went to the dance and the game. Our team won by a milestone–the only negative thing is I couldn’t see a good amount of the game until the end. Although that’s not necessarily a bad thing since I’m not a huge fan of football anyway…Oh and also during the game these kids were fooling around and ended up spilling Powerade over a few of us ( I got it on my arm while one of my friends got it on her hair/head. Yeah…we were pretty upset about that…) The dance itself was fun, though! I even danced, and anyone who knows me knows I don’t dance! I sing and draw and stuff, but I don’t dance. At all.

Hm…the new Paramore CD, Brand New Eyes came out the end of Septemeber, and I must say it’s really good! I was worried because their previous CD, RIOT! was EXTREMELY successful and really good, but I think BNE is just as good as Riot!. It’s not better, but honestly I didn’t expect that. Not of course, that that’s a bad thing. BNE is going to be extremely successful and I’m just sad their Tour isn’t going to be anywhere nearby. 🙁 I LOVE their new songs, like Brick By Boring Brick and Misguided Ghosts–the latter I’ve been learning on the guitar. 🙂

Anyways. Enough with my rambling! I think that’s good enough for now, so I’ll stop. Talk to you guys soon!!!


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American Idol Tour 2009

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My Review–and I promise it’s way better than my last one. This time…things really did happen other than the concert…:mrgreen:

We arrived at the venue ridiculously early, right around nine in the morning. It’s mostly my fault of course–I was bouncing off the walls from excitement. I wanted to see if we could catch the idols with one of the early meet and greets, so we went where we assumed the busses would arrive and waited there for about an hour. Slowly but surly we began seeing people starting to flock towards the back of the arena, and we suddenly realized we were in the wrong spot. Quickly moving to the *right* spot, we took a seat in the shade, and waited with the rest of the anxious fans. There were only about…twenty people or so there at the time. I passed the time by talking with a few people who were also fellow Kris fans–although by the looks of things they were also fans of Matt and Danny. (On a side note, practically everyone around was nice. The only issue came with one girl who kept talking back and bad mouthing everyone who had been there since nine, and also added that just because we were there the longest didn’t automatically mean we had the right to be in front. Um…that made no sense. She said a few more not so smart comments that I won’t get into) Quite a few odd things happened–the most prominent of these being a guy in an Easter bunny suit wandered out and started talking to people. (At first I had my back turned to the guy. Then a few people were pointing at it, so I turned around and was like, “Oh, hey. A bunny.” My mom turned around and  as soon as she saw it she laughed, saying “I thought you meant a jack rabbit or something!”) Originally it was thought it was part of the tour, like some kind of weird promotion thing. However it soon became prominent that this guy had some…mental issue going on. He was asking for tickets, and after coming up dry, left.

Hours went by, the shade slowly disappeared, and the Idol bus was yet to show. We kept asking the guard at the gate if he knew when the busses were going to show, and he didn’t know. So we waited…and waited some more. And you know, gained some nice sunburns in the process because we had forgotten sunscreen. If the shade had stayed where it was supposed to, we would have been fine. Anyways, around two in the afternoon, the busses pulled in and everyone started screaming their heads off. However the screams soon faded out as the idols walked into the arena, not towards us. I totally expected that of course. After a who knows long bus ride, the idols must have been exhausted and or starving.

We waited for about…say twenty minutes or so before Michael Sarver was kind enough to come out. Apparently he has always made the time to come out and visit with the fans. How nice is that?

Michael coming to greet the fans

Me with Michael–you can see the sunburn pretty good. 🙁 And the sad thing is? Apparenty my mom had sunscreen in her bag the whole time. The only reason she didn’t think of it is because she doesn’t get burned that easily.

By this time I was getting nervous. What if Kris didn’t show up? He was the one Idol I really wanted to meet. After all, I had drawn a picture of him and wanted to give it to him as a gift. So we asked the Idol tour manager who happened to be standing near by if Kris was going to come out, and he told us that he didn’t know. Apparently all the idols go visit the fans on their own time, so there’s never a guarantee that they’ll come out. He also added that they all had a press thing at three, so if they didn’t come out by three, they weren’t going to come out until after the show.


So we decided to ask if the manager would give the drawing to Kris for us. He gladly told us he would, and I handed the bag over to him. As we waited for more people to come out, I watched the manager show the drawing off to everyone. You know, truck drivers, security–everyone. I guess he was impressed?:grin:

Danny and Matt came out a little after that, and they were also extremely nice. By this time however it was almost three, and they were running out of time. Luckily they got to us, and I have pictures to prove it!

Matt and Danny coming towards us…

Me and Matt…

Me and Danny.  🙂

Scott came out too, but he was a lot slower and didn’t get to meet everyone. Here’s a pic of him as he ran by, high fiving everyone as he did so. That’s his brother next to him.

When we realized no one else was coming out, we left and walked over to Ruby Tuesday’s which was conveniently located on the other side of the arena parking lot. After being in the hot sun for six hours, a nice cool restaurant was just what we needed. P.S. The lemonades there are delicious!

We weren’t sure when the doors would open up, and so we went back to the E Center right around five. My dad then walked over to the information center and asked them when we could go inside.

It didn’t open until six. So there we were, with nothing better to do than just wait–in shade this time, thank God.

The hour went by slowly–although it was entertaining to watch the Fox News people go by and do their little report. In fact, my brother decided to be a sneaky little devil and go by the reporter as the camera was rolling. We saw him on TV a little while later. :mrgreen:

Finally six o’ clock came around and we entered the arena. Here’s a shot of where we were:

Pretty good seats if I do say so. It was a smaller arena, so even though we were almost in the back, we still were pretty close. And it was almost dead center, so that’s a plus.

I won’t go into extreme detail about the concert. Here are the major standouts for me:

Scott Macintyre: He was probably the most improved of anyone on the tour. His voice sounded so much better than it had been previously on the show. And his piano playing! That was amazing. His version of ‘A Thousand Miles’ (Vanessa Carlton) was probably the best in his set. He only had two songs, but still, it was awesome.

Allison Iraheta: I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from her. I don’t know why. I know she had a great voice–maybe it was the songs she was singing? Let me tell you though, I am officially an Allison fan. She was my second favorite of the night. Her set was very solid, and she rocked the stage.

^^This would look good on a T shirt… :wink:

Kris Allen: I had high expectations for Kris, and he went above and beyond. His voice was so pure and his piano playing as well as his guitar playing was very, very good. His whole set was amazing, especially now that No Boundaries was thrown out. I don’t think I have a favorite performance of his–they were all…shall I say…epic? Lol. Although I must say the ones that really stood out for me was Bright Lights (Matchbox Twenty) and Hey Jude (The Beatles). I’m a huge MB20 fan, and Kris did a great job on one of my favorite songs. As for Hey Jude…well A, he did a great job. B, he did the scream! And C, it’s always fun to sing along to the “Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, hey Jude” parts. :razz:

The only thing that really irked me was as soon as Adam finished up his set, some people in the audience got up and left. Mind you this was the minority and a very small amount of the audience as a whole, but still. Talk about disrespectful.

But hey. It was their loss.

After the concert, my Dad and I went back outside to get to the Meet and Greet. Luckily we were able to get a spot in the front. It was towards the end, but still. There were people crowding the beginning of the line, and there were even people going back and forth between one end of the line to the other, trying to cut. We stood out ground though.

We had to wait about an hour before anyone came even close to us, reason being the stage had to get packed up and shipped out via trucks. Not to mention, we were kind of far away, so it took a while before they could get to us.

Again, Michael was first to come though. He was probably one of the nicest, most down to earth of the idols. That¡¦s nothing against any of the other idols, but Michael was the first one out every single time–and apparently he does that in other shows as well.

Megan came out a short while later, although she came through pretty fast. I wasn’t able to get her autograph, but I’m honestly not that broken up about it. Of all the idols, she was miles and miles the least improved.

Matt came out. I also got his signature.

The most…obscure one was Adam. Apparently he has had trouble with some of his fans being too…rambunctious? Because of that, he had people surrounding him, and everything was handed to them, not Adam. He didn’t stop for any pictures–heck he barely even acknowledged anyone. I don’t know…I just got an odd feeling from that. Although to be fair to Adam, some of the people who were screaming his name, they probably would have torn him apart in seconds had he gone through the line like the other idols.

After that, things started getting rushed. Danny, Lil, and Allison came out one right after another, so it was hard to get an autograph. In fact, I almost didn’t get Lil’s, but I did!

Here’s a picture of me with Allison. She was the one Idol that my brother really wanted to meet. Mind you this was almost midnight, and things were pretty crazy, so my brother decided not to go. So instead, I met Allison, got her autograph as well as a hug for him.

Anoop was next, and this was pretty entertaining. The girls next to us were HUGE Anoop fans. In fact, they were trying to bribe the security guy with twenty ‘Hawaiian style’ pizzas if he got Anoop over to them. Thing was, he didn’t know who Anoop was. Apparently he didn¡¦t watch the show, but he was a good sport about it. Every time the security guy went by, the girls would quiz him on who they were looking for. And every time he forgot, they would say, “Anoooop” He quickly followed this with, “Yeah. Achoooo.” Then when Anoop finally did show up, the girls were in hysterics. At one point it seemed as if one of the girls was going to faint. He was rushed though so I wasn’t able to get a picture with him. I tried, though.

Last but not least, Kris came out! He was also being rushed, and he looked exhausted, but with that being said, he was still kind and courteous, signing autographs and such. He wasn’t able to stop, but we asked him if he got my drawing and he did! He told me it was “Really good!” He was really sincere about it too–he looked me in the eye and everything.

After that, I was pretty much on cloud nine. I had gotten seven out of the ten idols autographs, I had seen all of them, and I talked to Kris.

How much better does it get?

Now I’m home with a nasty sunburn, blisters on my feet, and I’m pretty much sore all over but you know what? It was worth it.

P.S. There are more pictures on the main Markleweb gallery under vacations!


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Utah Museum of Natural History

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Today, I visited, as the title suggests, the Utah Museum of Natural History. I’ve been in Utah since Sunday, and today we walked over to the museum around noon. Here are some pictures! The first one is of Buster–I ‘accidentally’ added that in. Sorry about that but hey, isn’t he adorable? :oops:

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American Idol Finale 2009

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So…I have to admit. I went absolutly NUTS when I found out that Kris won. I screamed, and even scared my dog. But I couldn’t help it! KRIS WON!!!

I’m still on cloud nine right now, not only because Kris won, but because since the top 24, it looked like Adam was going to win no matter what. With the ‘underdog’ winning, and not the favorite, it has many people in a mix of emotions. Shock. Anger. Confusion–just to name a few. But for me? I’m absolutly ecstatic! As stated in my previous post, I have been a Kris fan for a long time. Last night, even though I wanted Kris to win, I was prepared for an Adam win. By Kris winning, it just goes to prove that America can still get it right. :mrgreen:


Two years in a row my favorite has won. That’s just awesome. 😉



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The Final Two of American Idol

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Alright, I admit it. I have been hesitant to write reviews week to week on this season of American Idol. The first, and main reason being that I am not an Adam Lambart fan.


…I’m almost waiting for the hate mail to come. Ha ha.


But here I am, finally deciding that it’s now or never to write my comments on the final two of American Idol.


So let’s start with Adam. He’s been the person to beat all season long. At least, in the judges eyes. (The obvious promotion of Adam was getting on my nerves this last week. I mean, what happend to letting America just decide for themselves? They NEVER did that last year, other than Simon. Now all four of them are under Adam’s spell. What has the world come to?) I however, have never cared for that (according to my dad) almost Carol Channing like scream that Adam does after every performance. Well, almost every single performance. The ONE song that I have to admit I liked Adam on was Motown week with, ‘Tracks of my Tears’. That was a great, emotional, screamless performance. Some people think that Adam is the one that has the competition in the bag, but I’m not so sure. With Danny now out of the running, most of his fans are more likely to vote for Kris than Adam, just because Adam pretty much already has his fans, and if anything, he’s loosing them. There are several people I know who used to like him, but now can’t stand the man. Believe me, this isn’t as clear cut as the judges make it out to be.


On the other hand, there’s Kris Allen. A mellow, all around nice guy with a voice to match. He’s been mentioned as being the Jason Castro of this season, but I think he’s much more than that. Kris has the ability to make a song his own and sound like new. Sound like something that you could easily hear on the radio. A prime example of this is his recent remix of ‘Heartless’. The orginal version of this song, I can’t stand. At all. But the way Kris changed it up, he made it into an actual, listenable, not to mention enjoyable rendition. I think that Kris overall has more of a marketability than Adam. In two years, where do you see Adam? I see him on Broadway. That’s just where he belongs, and that’s not exactly a bad thing. Broadway is a wonderful place to be. But with Kris, I see him as the next Jason Mraz.


So there it is. I think that at this point, it doesn’t really matter who wins. I want Kris to win, but at the same time, I think about the current American Idol, David Cook. I wanted him to win, too. And it seems to me like it would have been better for David NOT to have won at times. Just look at Daughtry. He didn’t win, and look at how big he’s gotten. So if Adam wins, I think he’ll be the next Taylor Hicks. He’s gotten all the hype this year, but would you really buy his CD. I mean, what would it be? 80’s esque hard rock songs? Or a bunch of broadway esque songs? Adam is so hard to fit in a category, not because he’s so diverse, but because he isn’t that good at anything BUT broadway. He has a range and everything, but…he’s a wanna be rocker. NOT a rock god like Kara has been pointing out every week.


Bottom line? Kris just seems like the American Idol material.





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What I’m doing right now…

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Just wanted to stop by. I would have updated sooner, but I got this weird bug, so I’ve been fighting allergies, and whatever that was…

Anywoo, I’m better now, and just wanted to stop by to share an awesome song by Matchbox Twenty that I’ve (re)fallen in love with. ‘The Difference’. It’s off their More Than You Think You Are CD.


Lyrics below:

Slow dancing on the boulevard
In the quiet moments while the city’s still dark
Sleepwalking through the summer rain and the tired spaces
You could hear her name when she was warm and tender
And you held her arms around you
There was nothing but her love and affection
She was crazy for you
Now she’s part of something that you lost


And for all you know
This could be
The difference between what you need
And what you wanna be
Yeah, what you wanna be

Night swimming in her diamond dress
Making small circles move across the surface
Stand watching from the steady shore
Feeling wide open and waiting for
Something warm and tender
Now shes moving further from you
There was nothing that could make it easy on you
Every step you take reminds you that shes walking wrong


Yeah, for all you know
This could be
The difference between what you need
And what you want

Every word you never said
Echoes down your empty hallway
And everything that was your world
Just came down

Day breaking on the boulevard
Feel the sun warming up your second hand heart
Light swimming right across your face
And you think maybe someday, yeah
Maybe someday


For all you know
Yeah, this could be
The difference between what you need
And what you want

Yeah, for all you know
For all you know
Yeah, for all that you know
This is what you wanna be
Girl, what you wanna be

…yep. I love it.

Ha ha. :mrgreen:


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Spring Break!!!

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I’m off school for a week, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m at home right now, and my brother just started playing some baseball on the PS3. The soundtrack is actually pretty good. The first song is by Hey Monday, and that band is growing on me. The kind of remind me of Paramore. Kind of. I guess more of a poppy version?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of starting to post one of my stories on here. Not sure yet, though. I write a lot. About three to four pages a day? So keep an eye out for that…


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The Final Riot! (Paramore Live Concert)

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So today I got home from school, and my Dad had a surprise for me–from the title I’m figuring you can guess what: Paramore’s ‘Final Riot’ Concert!


My Dad is Amazing. 😎


The added bonus, it was in Blue ray. (BTW, Blue-Ray=HighDef=Awesome.)


And no mom, not awesful. Just awesome. (To all other readers out there this is a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ reference. Hilarious show. 😉 but…it’s kind of for an acquired taste. What I mean by that, if you get offended easily, don’t watch it.) Anyways. So I was able to watch this concert earlier, and it blew me away. Highly entertaining and fun. Songs are performed great, video is great, everything is great. Highlights for me was the acoustic version of, ‘My Heart’ (I have been in love with this song for a while now. Beautifully written, and the acoustic version makes it that much better.) ‘We Are Broken’ (Slightly different version, but still wonderfuly sung on Hayley’s part.) ‘Emergency’ (The piano intro was awesome!) and ‘Hallelujah’ (With this one, they had a teaser intro with the other, ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley. She sang a part of it, and it was really nicely done. Then they went into their song, and…yeah. Priceless.)


Another nice addition to the DVD was a 40 minute documentary on the making of ‘The Final Riot’. It was entertaining to watch and full of clips of the band just having fun.


Oh. I have to go. IDOL is on. On a thursday. Supernatural’s on too, and I’m kinda–Fine–Really excited for the episode tonight. Don’t ask me why… 🙂

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